Social & Emotional Learning

A child’s readiness to learn can be severely impacted by the challenges of chronic poverty and the effects of trauma. Integrating social and emotional education initiatives can help to reduce those effects, leading to 11% gains in academic achievement. United to Learn is committed to developing social and emotional health within our schools.

why it matters


9 in 10 kids in our network rely on free or reduced lunch, and a significant number are homeless. The stress of poverty alters children’s neurobiology and undermines success.

Awareness of Brain Science

By understanding how stress impacts the brain, teachers and students can utilize practical strategies to produce a calm and productive learning environment.

Adult-Student Relationships

The presence of even one stable adult in a child’s life helps to mitigate the impact of toxic stress. When a school has a culture of support, behavior improves and attendance rises.

social & emotional learning Initiatives

Educator Training

With the Momentous Institute, we provide campus and individual training, equipping teachers to promote social-emotional skills in students.

School-Family Relationships

Through our partnership with Stand for Children, teachers conduct impactful home visits to build relationships with students’ families.

Teacher Wellness

United to Learn promotes opportunities for teachers to nurture their physical and mental health, for their well-being and that of their students.