Campus Environment

An aspirational school environment leads to higher academic performance, reduced teacher turnover, fewer disciplinary problems and higher attendance.

why it matters

Home Away from Home

American students average 11,700 hours of their lives in a school building from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Instilling Value

Research shows that the learning environment influences performance, shapes student aspirations and affects students from historically underrepresented populations.

Community Responsibility

Our neighborhood has a responsibility for and a vested interest in all its community assets.

campus environment Initiatives

Student Inspiration

Our members invest materials to create aspirational environments by displaying college banners and collateral, painting custom murals and hosting career days.

Teacher Appreciation

We recognize the hard work of our educators and administrators with breakroom refreshments, special events and gift cards.

Campus Resources

Our supply drives, beautification projects, garden installations and other efforts enhance the resources and appearance of our public school campuses.