Advocacy & Awareness

United to Learn provides our neighbors with information about the systemic challenges that exist within public education, while showcasing the tremendous gains within our neighborhood schools; skills and knowledge needed to address inequity in education; and actionable pathways for all to contribute to our community’s collective success.

why it matters

A Barbell Economy

Dallas is #3 nationally in job growth and #3 in childhood poverty.

Moral Imperative

Every child in our community deserves a quality education.

Disengaged Citizenry

Historically, only 4% of eligible voters participate in elections impacting our 23,000+ students.

advocacy & awareness Initiatives

Student Voices

United to Learn partners with Leadership ISD to build high school students' advocacy skills and social justice awareness.

Activating community

Our outreach activities and information sessions are designed to inform and engage our community.

Expanding our impact

We are always working to expand our membership and create additional pathways to improve educational outcomes.