Community Campus Day

This initiative has meant so much to me. With almost 1,200 students, I always feel that I need to do much more,
so it’s incredible to have so much community support. I am just so grateful.

Administrator, Anne Frank Elementary

Research continuously proves that aging buildings, outdated technology, and non-aspirational environments have negative effects on student learning. Since 2013, United to Learn has remedied this problem by facilitating college fairs, providing college collateral, distributing teacher appreciation gifts, and recruiting ‘career day’ speakers.

To impact student learning on a grander scale, we enthusiastically planned and executed a Community Campus Day (CCD) to significantly improve campus climates across 24 Dallas ISD elementary schools within our North Dallas footprint. Each elementary school was granted a $5,000 budget to implement a mission-aligned (Literacy, Campus Environment, and/or Social and Emotional Learning) transformational project. Our organization secured $120,000 in sponsorships from over 45 community members and businesses that deployed over 400 volunteers who worked tirelessly to help our schools develop 21st century learners who are prepared to learn and lead.

The total impact from CCD includes:  

  • 13,650 students impacted
  • $120,000 invested
  • 24 schools transformed
  • 400 volunteers engaged
  • 150 IT supplies provided
  • 13 classroom spaces created
  • 8 outdoor classrooms built
  • 10 inspirational murals painted


Our Community Campus Day initiative not only created aspirational environments for every one our 13,650 supported students across our network, but it also instilled a sense of community pride and service among our high school volunteers.

Get up, man! There is no time for a break! We have more work to do.”

High School Student, Jesuit College Preparatory